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Welcome (Back) Pub Quiz – 12 October, Thursday 7 pm – The Royal Blenheim

Commence this academic year with a pint and a pub quiz that ignites your thirst for knowledge. All members, both familiar and new, are invited to join. (Please note that the quiz will be conducted in English to make sure everybody can participate!)



Board Game Night– 19th October, Thursday 7 pm – GEOFFREY ARTHUR BUILDING

As the days grow shorter and the nights turn chillier, join us for an enjoyable evening featuring an extensive array of board games to select from. The society will be offering refreshments and beverages for your enjoyment.

Attention! The Grandpont bridge is closed so please use another bridge for crossing the river.



Lángos & Läger – 28th October, Saturday 6:30 pm – St Giles’ Church Parish Rooms 

This term, Lángos & Läger is back in its cherished form! Join us at St Giles' Church to indulge in Hungarian street food (lángos), some beer(-pong), and the most heartwarming Hungarian songs to ease your longing for home.


Hungarian Wine Tasting – TBC

Get ready for a memorable evening of Hungarian Wine Tasting! Immerse yourself in the diverse and exquisite flavours of Hungarian wines in a location to be announced soon. We'll showcase the finest Hungarian wines for you to savour. Stay tuned for more details as we prepare to take you on a journey through the vineyards of Hungary.

To secure your spot, keep an eye out for our upcoming sign-up form, where you can reserve your place for this exclusive wine tasting experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore the world of Hungarian wines!"



Speaker Event, travellers to India from Hungary in the 18th-19th centuries – 16th November, Thursday, 7pm –  Wolfson College, Buttery    

You are cordially invited to a special lecture on the lives of explorers and adventurers from the Hungarian Kingdom and Transylvania who travelled to India in the 18th and 19th centuries. During the event, we will explore the inspiring stories of travellers who ventured beyond the borders of not only Hungary, but the whole world. We will learn about the challenges they faced and the valuable experiences they gained from the rich culture of India.


For directions within Wolfson please ask the porters.



Termly Dinner – 21st November, Tuesday 7pm - Pembroke College

In keeping with the essence of commensality, we are delighted to announce an upcoming evening of communal feasting at the esteemed Pembroke College. Mark your calendars for this exquisite occasion, set to take place on November 21st. The grandeur of the evening will be heightened as the dinner commences at 7 pm, enveloping all attendees in an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared appreciation for fine dining. This convivial event promises to be a delightful celebration of both gastronomy and fellowship, and we eagerly anticipate your gracious presence to enhance the occasion with your esteemed company.


Sing up deadline 12th November, Sunday 12am.


Sign up link: https://forms.gle/DuUAUMDSZvHh3v2g9




Hungarian Oxmas – 28th November, Tuesday – TBC  

Get in the festive spirit by decorating your own gingerbread while sipping on some mulled wine. We hope to have some Hungarian delicacies also.

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