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Friday 1 May, 8pm, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

In the Depth of Woods and Creeks

With its ingenious cinematography and stunning underwater scenes, this nature documentary by young wildlife enthusiasts Péter Farkas and Ferenc Keresztúri reveals the hidden secrets of the Hungarian woodlands and the rich underwater world inhabiting their lakes and streams. With English subtitles.



Friday 8 May, 8pm, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

Peter Szabadhegy

Hungary's Place in the Heart of Europe and the World from an Economic and Geopolitical Perspective

The Hungarian ambassador to London will discuss Hungary’s Euro-Atlantic integration after regaining freedom in 1989. His Excellency will not skirt sensitive questions such as Hungary’s position on Russia, or European energy security and its consequences for Hungary. He will also talk about the new Hungarian constitution.



Friday 15 May, 8pm, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

Marcus Tanner

The Raven King

Marcus’ books include Croatia, a Nation Born in War and The Last of the Celts (Yale University Press). The most recent is on Victorian Balkan explorer Edith Durham. In the 1990s he was Balkan correspondent for The Independent  and later its assistant foreign editor. He now edits the web portal Balkan Insight and is a part-time leader-writer for The Independent. He will talk about his book on Matthias Corvinus’ life and passion for books.


Tuesday 19 May, 7pm, Wolfson College Auditorium

Lanner Quartet

Musical Treat

The Lanner Quartet welcomes you with music of the highest standard as well as with gastronomic delicacies. Apart from a glass of Hungarian wine, the menu for the concert includes pieces by Franz Schubert, Joseph Lanner, Charles Gounod, Leopold Godowsky, Isaac Albeniz and Richard Strauss. The Quartet are all permanent and guest members of the Budapest Festival Orchestra. The event is free of charge (we welcome donations to support the Quartet’s work), but please register here.


Thursday 21 May, 5pm, Department of Experimental Psychology

Calculating Emotions - Crowdsourced Neuromarketing

Adam Divak and Tamas Nagy from Synetiq Ltd.

Ádám Divak (CTO) and Tamás Nagy (lead researcher) will talk about Synetiq, a Hungarian start-up providing neuromarketing research and emotional insights for media companies. They will show how biometric sensory information is turned into recommendations for films and TV adverts, how infostructure allows real-time monitoring of affective reactions, and how they integrate data recording with processing and analysis.


Friday 29 May, 8pm, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

Young Researchers at Oxford

Gabor Halasz and Tamas Szigeti

Gábor, a D.Phil student in Theoretical Physics, will introduce us to magnetism, superconductivity, and other exotic properties of solid-state materials. Tamás, a D.Phil student in Law, will talk about his research investigating whether extremist politicians and parties have a right to be intolerant in democracies that cherish tolerance and pluralism.


Wednesday 3 June, 6pm, Department of Experimental Psychology

Visit to the Oxford University BabyLab

Klara Horvath, a D.Phil student in Experimental Psychology, will talk about her research on how sleep helps babies and toddlers to learn. After the talk, there will be an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the methods used to study the developing brain. If you would like to attend, please register by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


 Friday 12 June, 8pm, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

End of Term Reception

An End of Term Reception to celebrate the end of the academic year.




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