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Week 1

Friday, 16th October - 18:00, Online (household kitchens)

A Great Hungarian Bake Off

A strange Oxford is waiting for us, unknown both to freshers and those returning. While it feels the world’s turned upside down, one thing certainly hasn’t changed: we all love (and need) good food. Take part in our online cooking competition and make some Hungarian food with our guidance for your household. No better way to bring colour (and loads of paprika) to our Covid-stricken world.

Week 2

Friday, 23rd October - 19:00, Online

23 October Memorial

We may be a thousand miles from home, but that world and our past may bring us together in every corner of the world. In the memory of our heroes of 1956, watch with us the eternally youthful and brilliant satire, A tanú (The Witness). Afterwards, join us in our hidden identity game, “Secret Kulak”!

Week 3

Saturday, 31st October - 14:00-ca. 17:00, Around Oxford

Run in Oxford

Discover Oxford in small teams and solve the puzzles and mysteries surrounding some of the most important and most hidden locations of the city. It’s a perfect opportunity to get outdoors and feel the real Oxford experience.

Week 4

TBC - Online

Guest speaker - György Dragomán

Unfortunately, the Speaker had cancelled the event.

Week 5

Friday, 13th November - 19:00-22:00, Around Oxford

Pub Challenge

Wash away your 5th week blues with another face-to-face Hungarian social! Have a pint in small groups with our additional challenges that refill you with energy for the rest of the term.

Week 6

Friday, 20th November - 19:00, Online

Guest Speaker - Dénes Nagy

Dénes Nagy is a Hungarian Europeanist. He serves as Policy Advisor on the Minority SafePack at the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN). He furthermore serves as a researcher focusing on European Citizens' Initiatives at EUstrat, the Europe Strategy Research Institute of the University of Public Service (NKE) in Hungary.

His talk will be titled 'The Minority SafePack Initiative – a success story of participatory democracy in the EU'

Week 7

Friday, 27th November - 19:00, Online

Central European Board Game Night

Join us for an online social event with other Central European societies. A night of board games and friendly chats as we bid farewell to the autumn. Let’s find out who has the best strategies and can win the prize at the end!

Week 8

Thursday, 3rd December - 19:00 (and before), Online


While the end of term seems a world away, there is no Oxford without a proper Oxmas! Even the pandemic can’t stop a good game of Secret Santa and enjoying the mulled wine – We cannot predict snow, but a cosy atmosphere is guaranteed.


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